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wood-forest-fire-fireplaceIndustrial wood

For industrial logging we use special equipment machinery and equipment that allows us to get a perfect flat wood surface and perfect geometry of the product in diameter and width

Thanks to the high position that industrial wood keeps in the building industry market for a quite a long period the deals made in this sphere are considered to be very successful. When ordering lot of products you can have a discount for the production and discuss the terms of the contract to complete and delivery terms. And this is how you have what you intended cost-effectively and without excessive efforts. Our company specializing in wood production is tightly bound with industrial wood and its products.

frontSawn wood

Sawn wood selling and wood ware is the main kind of activity of our company that works in Lvov city and the region. You can buy sawn wood at affordable prices. We never ashamed for our sawn wood production as it is high quality and match European standards and at the same time having attractive prices and delivered to the customer in time. In our warehouses there are always sawn woods of hard wood and softwood as well. We sell square edged timber as well as planed timber. You can always buy dried lumber and green lumber as well. In one word we have all kinds of sawn wood that you may need.  


It is very popular wood production. Edged board is ecologic material used in building and construction and in other industrial settings. Producing edged board we use soft and hard wood. Also we can use aspen or birch made to up to your order.


One of the most popular materials in the country house building is dried profiled log of spruce or pine tree and in some cases it is considered to be the best option. It is widely used for building of summer cottages or country houses. The properties of this material to create comfortable atmosphere inside of the house any time of the year is used for building houses of all-season living. Nevertheless, the price of the profiled log is somewhat high it is worthy of the advantages the future building can possess. And when comparing to other materials prices, for example, cylinder log, to buy profiled log at low price at the manufacturer is even better. And offer of some building companies to pay in installments during building house process makes the houses of timber cost-effective decision.

1025679Euro pallets

Wooden containers are widely used for cargos and goods internal deliveries as well as deliveries abroad. In our country there are different popular kinds of pallets made due to the defined GOST 9557-87, and for transporting abroad we produce Euro pallet due to the European standards.

2004823Fuel pellets

Nowadays, Ukrainian and European market of fuel pellets made of pollution-free fuel is developing highly dynamic. Internet is full of advertisements offering to buy and sell fuel pellets. The popularity of this kind of fuel is very simple: it is absolutely ecological and effective comparing to other high price types of fuel. Original crude for the pellets are such materials as wood powder, pressed wood wool and other waste wood. And producing of fuel pellets is made with the special pellet-press. Finally this high-energy fuel represents size-defined pressed pellets of cylindrical form that has its advantages of warehousing, transportation and usage. You can order necessary amount and get fuel pellets on mutually beneficial conditions.